All I Could Ever Be

Hey I'm Kiara, here's a couple of things that you might need to know or maybe you just forgot;

Adelaide, Australia; Aussie ! <3

Nineteen; 19!

I love Chuck it's become a lifestyle; <3

Yvonne's my hero :3

I love animals; mainly horses and own six; they are my life; <3

yvonne strahovski; zachary levi; lucy hale; ian harding; Kaley cuoco; sarah michelle gellar; zac efron; kelly clarkson; andrew hoy; ed sheeren; angus and julia stone; and more <3

chuck; greys anatomy; pretty little liars; supernatural; buffy; angel; the big bang theory; two broke girls; family guy; ringer; friends; happy endings; community; 30 rock; bones; castle; disney; tangled; mcleods daughters; harry potter; doctor who; the tribe; parksand recreation and more <3

kathy reichs; elyne mitchell; jk rowling; anna sewell; <3

Feel free to ask me anything; :)


Ask me anything  
Credit: @team_bartowski :) I would love to say its real&#8230;. Haha  #zachonne #Charah #Chuck #yvonnestrahovski #zacharylevi #sarahwalker #chuckbartowski #love

Credit: @team_bartowski :) I would love to say its real…. Haha #zachonne #Charah #Chuck #yvonnestrahovski #zacharylevi #sarahwalker #chuckbartowski #love


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